Gene Krupa’s 

Personal Basement
Drum Collection

Sharing the recently discovered
Gene Krupa drum collection,
with the world.

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Gene Krupa

Considered by many as the World's Greatest Drummer, and the founding father of the modern drum set.  Gene Krupa's contributions to the drumming world are immeasurable, collaborating with the Slingerland drum co. inventing the tunable tom tom as their very first endorsee to the company. With the Avedis Zildjian cymbal co. Gene Krupa helped standardize the names to their cymbals such as the swish, splash, crash, and the ride. In 1978, Krupa became the first drummer inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame and will forever be a major influence to all drummers.

These historic items are from Gene Krupa's personal basement drum collection and have been kept in a Manhattan storage company ever since a fire took place at Gene’s home in Yonkers, NY in April of 1973. Gene passed shortly after in October of the same year.

These pieces and more were purchased directly from the Gene Krupa Estate in 2018 by myself and my boss Charlie Watts.

All items have been personally reviewed by Krupa historian, Brooks Tegler

Understanding the historical impact and provenance behind this collection would not have been possible without his tireless help. Please refer to Brooks’ report for each item and make sure to check out his blog page to review pages from his currently unpublished book on Krupa’s life and equipment.

Please click here to see Brooks' report.

Also check out Bart van der Zee’s Drum History Podcast to hear the full scoop on this discovery. 


Krupa's Drum Set For Sale

The 22" bass drum and canister throne were used at Gene's last performances, including this Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall concert in 1973.

The 13" rack tom, 16" floor tom, 20" ride cymbal, 18" crash cymbal, pair of 14" hi hats, the cymbal stands, hi hat stand, and canister throne were all used in many performances but can be seen best grouped together with Gene playing them in his basement in this documentary film,
"Born to Swing"


Gene's coveted silver cowbell.
Anyone who knows anything about Krupa realizes the significance of this piece as it was a very big part of his drum solos.

Gene’s Slingerland Super Speed bass drum pedal.

Gene’s personal drum key.

3 original fiber cases for all drums and 1 hardware case. These cases have the old traveling tags and cartage notes attached.

Reasonable Offers Considered

This drum set will be accompanied with a letter of authenticity. 

For additional photos and information please contact: 
Don McAulay +1 (413) 221 6173


Click image title for multiple photos of each item blue in color

As Found From The Krupa Estate

Other Gene Items For Sale:

All items below are being sold individually and are not part of the drum set

Please refer to Brooks Tegler’s notes for detailed descriptions

The snare drum has always been a myth, but now turned fact. And in fact, there are 2 snares... 

This is a 5" Rogers chrome over brass Dyna-Sonic snare drum with Slingerland lugs made in the early 1960's. Here’s the story that I got from Patty Krupa upon pulling these 2 drums out of a box. She instantly said, “Oh the Buddy drums! Gene would often say how much he loved Buddy Rich’s sound." Take that for what it is, but here is what we do know after talking with Rogers Dyna-Sonic expert Jerry Shields who was an employee at the Rogers drum company in Covington, Ohio. 

There was a workshop next to the Rogers factory that custom builder Joe Thompson worked out of and would do modifications for artists. Joe would have made these 2 snares for Gene. He obviously disguised the drums with Slingerland lugs, so not to jeopardize his endorsement deal since Gene was Slingerland's first and most prized endorsee. Jerry Shields may have actually been the one to install the snare bridge as that was his specialty. 

The other snare drum found in this discovery was a 5" white marine pearl Dyna-Sonic. At this time that drum is not for sale.

These drums carry a lot of unique history between the two legends Buddy and Gene, and were the only two ever made.

This drum is being sold separately and not with the drum set. 

Reasonable Offers Considered

This snare drum will be accompanied with a letter of authenticity.

More Gene Items below:


1940's WMP 15" parade snare drum used on the "Percussion King" recording sessions



1970's WMP 15" parade drum said to have always been setup in Gene’s house



Two 1940’s Slingerland Epic bass drum pedals. Just Wow! 

$3,000 each


3 used drum keys.

$700 each


2 floor cymbal stands, 2 bass drum mounted cymbal stands. 1 with Fibes cymbal holder (most likely a gift from Bob Grauso). These 4 items would complete a proper Krupa setup. 



1930's Stage Screw. Would have been used to stop the bass drum from sliding away from Gene's big beats!



1970's Slingerland Super Speed bass drum pedals. 

$1,500 each


Misc. extra hardware.
1 Edgeware hi hat stand (made in England), 1 early cymbal stand, 1 later cymbal stand, 1 stand for a practice pad. 



Random drumsticks and mallets. 

Contact for pricing


Box of misc. small hardware parts and pieces.

Contact for info and prices.

1 fiber hardware case


For additional photographs
and infomation about completeing sale please contact Don McAulay.

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+1 (413) 221-6173